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Frequently Asked Questions

Meeting Health
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Who pays for home health care?
  • Medicare: in most cases Medicare pays 100% of covered services.
  • Medicaid:  Also pays 100% for covered services.
  • Private Insurance: Varies.
  • Private Pay.

    Does Medicare cover home health care?
    Medicare covers part-time intermittent skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, medical social work and home health aid services provided in the patient's home
    when the patient meets certain criteria. Additionally, certain supplies and equipments are also covered under the home health benefit.  When Medicare coverage criteria are met, home health
    services are 100% reimbursed without co-insurance or deductible. Durable Medical Equipment is reimbursed at 80%. We can explain more about Medicare requirements and coverage in more
    detail as they apply to your situation, just give Angel Care Home Health Agency a call, Go to the "Contact Us" page of this website for our contact information. We are available for you 24 hours a
    day 7 days a week.

     Does Medicaid cover home health care?
    Since Medicaid programs are sponsored  by individual states, Medicaid coverage for home health services will vary from state to state and program to program. Medicaid does generally pay for
    nursing, home health aide and supplies, but may set limits on the number of visits and have  other coverage requirements. Your case worker can help to explain covered benefits.

     Does Private Insurance cover home health care?
    Virtually all private insurers have home health care benefits covered under the major medical portion of the policy. Some use a home health care agency that their members must use in order for
    the services to be covered (this is a referred to as a "preferred provider"). Should you require home health care services you should contact your managed care organization to see  if they have
    a contracted home health care provider. If you are not covered by a managed care company, you may be able to freely choose your home care provider but you may have limitations on the
    number of  visits, hours or dollars spent for home health on an annual basis. Again, check with your insurer or employer for details on your particular plan that may apply to home care.
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